A lifetime of artistic and creative expression. 
Pursuing Botanic Fiber Art since the 60s. Tie dye using saturated colors. Batik with wax resist. Colored Inks on muslin. Stamp, Print, Screen, Paint. Hand piece commercially dyed cottons. Applique with bold imported batiks. Collect & combine jewel tone metallic prints. Hand and machine quilting. Silk painting.
Correct. Dense. Earthbound.  Until now.

Dimensional floral construction. Silk, Organza, Soji paper, Intensely layered colors, fascinating fiddley bits.

Gail small corn maze.jpg

Translucent Silk. Vibrant Rich Pigments.  Luscious Velvet Backing.

Wondrous Rayon thread quilting. Glass Beads. Silk ribbon and cord. 

Endless possibilites. 

Dimensional Floral Fiber Art.


To paint is to show a bit of your soul. Where words fail, colors and strokes convey brilliance, beauty and grace.





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